Writing UV Ink

Invisible Writing UV Ink
Functions: invisible UV ink
How to use: The invisible UV ink will turn color fluorescence under the UV light / blacklight.
Price (Not including the shipping cost) :
Blue Invisible Ink - 15ml/$7, 100ml/$33.70                    Green Invisible Ink - 15ml/$7, 100ml/$49.80
Red Invisible Ink - 15ml/$7, 100ml/$33.90                     Purple Invisible Ink - 15ml/$7, 100ml/$43.90
Yellow Invisible Ink - 15ml/$7, 100ml/$49.90                Orange Invisible Ink - 15ml/$7, 100ml/$45.90
Yellow-Green Invisible Ink - 15ml/$7, 100ml/$49.70

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Black Writing UV Ink
Functions: black UV ink
How to use: Turn on the UV light, if the appearance of the black ink mark of the tested object change in hue from black to brown or green.
Colors: black change to brown fluorescent, black change to green fluorescent.
Price (Not including the shipping cost) : 15ml $7.00, 100ml $38.90
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Visible Writing UV Ink
Functions: Fluorescent, Ultraviolet.
How to use: The visible UV ink will turn red or green under the UV light.
Colors: red change to red fluorescence, yellow change to yellow fluorescence, blue change to blue fluorescence, Green change to green fluorescence, Orange change to orange fluorescence, Purple change to Purple fluorescence.
Price (Not including the shipping cost) : 15ml $6.00, 100ml $32.90
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UV lamp
Functions: UV wavelength 380nm-385nm.
Price (Not including the shipping cost) : $4.99
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